THE DME – Digital Media Electronics & Switzer Distribution offers Italian guarantee of two years * for private customers and 1 year * for companies .

LA DME – Digital Media Electronics & Switzer Distribution offers full guarantee on manufacturing defects for each part and for each component of the marketed bicycles, including the electrical part and the mechanical part.

Not recognized as collateral damage from falling, collision, electrical surges, ill treatment and arbitrary manipulation – even partial – of the electrical and mechanical parts.

Specifically, the guarantee is not valid for the following reasons:

Failure adjustment of mechanical parts (gearbox, brakes, seat, handlebars, pedals, etc.).
Natural wear  and tear materials: tires, brakes, cables and rods, springs, seals, platforms, coachwork, decals and stickers, chain, spokes of the wheels, bearings
Improper use by the purchaser (car, racing, overloading, off-road, etc.).
Natural battery capacity decay over time
Tampering or incorrect repairs carried out by unauthorized third parties
Damage from shock, fall or collision
Malfunctions caused by use that does not comply with the guidelines contained in the user manual delivered to the customer buying the vehicle. In particular: products not protected from the elements in the daily storage, and in particular no longer functioning due to moisture; structural failures denoting use with greater than the maximum permitted weight (in particular use to two); failures caused by inexperience or poor maintenance
Also they excluded from any warranty products used for rental business, rental or use equivalent
Also they excluded from the warranty products used for competition or typical conditions of extreme use
They exclude transport damage if performed by the customer. In case of receipt of damaged material after a transport of third parties, the customer must immediately denounce the occurrence from the sender using the “ticket system” available under “product support.”

Follow the rules and instructions specified in the operating and maintenance manual. Keep this user manual and maintenance. There will be recognized the damage caused by bad treatment or reported after the expiry of the guarantee.

(*) The warranty on the battery is one year for both private customers and for businesses.