DME 500w 48v Fatbike



DME URAGANO Fat Tyre E-bike folding 20 “folding Bicycle POMPEII V3.0 500W electric bike Hurricane.

HURRICANE is a 20 inch FAT-Bike electric designed for daredevil cyclists who like to go beyond the city. The chassis is designed to have an easy and comfortable climb, also useful for a female audience or the medium / short stature. With his determination, fat wheels and powerful engines Bafang , from 500W 48V  wheels 20 “ with change Shimano 7 speed , will become your small tank pedal.

Designed for brave cyclists who like to go beyond the city, HURRICANE  is available in two different colors: red and black.


DME 500w 48v Fatbike

The DME folding fat bike, now super-equipped.
With URAGANO we have brought our search for a meeting point between design and performance to a next level. The result? The total versatility of Hurricane, with the most advanced technology and maximum performance.

URAGANO is an electric FAT-Bike designed for the daring cyclists who like to go beyond the city. The frame is designed to have an easy and comfortable climb, also useful for a female or medium / short stature. With its grit, the fat wheels and the powerful BAFANG engine , from 500W 48V 20 “  wheels with 7-speed shimano transmission , it will become your small pedal tank.


Designed for the daring cyclists who like to go beyond the city, URAGANO  is available in two different colours: red and black.


The V3.0 version  of the Uragano bike features a latest generation brush less motor with 500W power.

Below, the technical specifications of the URAGANO bike  in V3.0 versions

Features V1.0
Frame 6061 aluminum, foldable
Total weight 28 kg (approximately)
Pneumatic measurements CHAO YANG 20 * 4 ”
Front brake Disc, mechanical, TEKTRO MD-280
Rear brake Disc, mechanical, TEKTRO MD-280
Exchange Shimano Tourney / FT35, 7 Speed
Motor Brush less, 500 WATT, 48V
Location Rear wheel
Brand Bafang
Battery Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) 48V 13AH / SAMSUNG
Battery location External, saddle pad, removable
Battery with USB port Yes
Charging time 6/9 hours
Charging cycles available 1000 Charging cycles
Controller Model LCD KD21C-KDS
Type of Controller Multi-function with LCD display
Layers pas 5
Max speed max 25 Km / h
Headlight LED, activated by handlebar
Rear light LED, activated by handlebar
Saddle Ergonomic, with central hole
Fenders Metal, matching, Black, Red / Red, Black
Roof rack Optional metal tribute (Max 25Kg)
Available colours Black, Red / Red, Black

Note : The kilometers shown, which can be traveled with the help of an electric motor, may decrease depending on various factors such as, for example, the slope (ascent) of the road traveled, the weight of the cyclist, the pedaling style, the tire pressure etc.

Info : For a longer battery life, it is advisable to switch off the lithium battery – and therefore the motor and all the electronic part of the bicycle – with the ON / OFF button when you are not in the vehicle.



Its compact size and folding frame make it easy to transport for your weekend out of town.



The dimensions shown are approximate.


The TEKTRO disc brakes on the Hurricane guarantee a stable and precise braking.

The 7-speed SHIMANO mechanical transmission is an excellent complement to the electric part of the URAGANO bike.

The on-board computer, through its LCD display and the multi-function buttons, manages the basic functions of the electric part of the bike, such as, for example, the assistance levels of the motor to pedaling.

The electric part of the URAGANO is powered by a lithium-ion battery (Li-Ion) that ensures from 40Km up to 80Km * with a single full charge.

POMPEII V3.0  is equipped with a 48 V 13Ah battery . The cells are SAMSUNG .

The integrated USB port on the battery can be used to charge the mobile phone while you are on the go or other devices (max 500mA) in an emergency situation.

Note¹ : estimated 30Km with minimal effort of the cyclist and intense use of the engine.60Km estimated with active participation by the cyclist and minimum engine effort.

Note² : The kilometers shown, which can be traveled with the help of the electric motor, are calculated on the basis of ideal conditions such as, for example, normal-weight cyclist respecting the maximum load allowed by the bike, with an active pedaling style balanced with the engine. Use of the bike on linear roads, without many slopes (climbs) and with a favorable wind in the direction of travel. Pressurized tires and perfectly regulated bicycle.

The DME electric bicycle URAGANO  is equipped with a brush less electric motor (brush less) of the latest generation, reliable and low consumption. The V3.0 version  has an motor 500W 48V , complies with the latest European directives.

The maximum speed that can be reached with the help of the 500W 48V electric motor is – as required by current European laws – of max 3 5 Km / h.

(*) Note : Art. 50: The velocipedes are vehicles with two or more wheels operating exclusively muscular propulsion, by means of pedals or similar devices, operated by the persons on the vehicle; bicycle assisted bicycles, equipped with an electric auxiliary motor having a maximum continuous nominal power of 0.25 KW, are also considered to be speedy, and their power is progressively reduced and finally interrupted when the vehicle reaches 25 km / h or earlier if the cyclist stop pedaling)

The electric motor is mounted on the rear hub. Choice this that distinguishes a high-end electric bike.




The rims with 18 holes , present on all versions of the URAGANO , guarantee maximum comfort during pedaling even in the absence of the front suspension. Moreover, this typology of rims protects against unpleasant punctures.

The TEKTRO disc brakes on the URAGANO, compared to traditional brakes, guarantee a stable and precise braking.

The 7-speed SHIMANO mechanical gearbox is a great complement to the electric part of the URAGANO pedal assist bike.


Some of the small details of this HURRICANE



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