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Ian Switzer of Switzer Distribution is no stranger to Bikes well the motorcycle race track a former 500cc road race champion.

On holiday to Italy he rented an ebike to use on excursions in forests, hills and mountains. So impressed by the electric bike he made inquiries with the manufacturer with the intention of getting the distribution rights for Ireland.

Switzer Distribution have teamed up with DME to offer high quality Italian electric bikes to Ireland.

dme ebikes irelandDME is a trademark belonging to the Digital Media Elettronica, a company with decades of experience in the hi-fi car sector and multimedia systems for entertainment and car navigation.

The DME bike brand was created with the aim of creating a valid alternative to the usual mobility, such as cars or scooters, effectively promoting the concept of respect for the environment through sustainable mobility.

We offer a variety of electric bicycles that want to be ambitious, quality, able to satisfy anyone, thanks to the different models, equipped with latest generation brush-less electric motors, lithium-ion batteries, disc brakes, multi-function digital controllers, headlights front and rear led’s, luggage racks (for transporting documents or material) and high quality gearboxes.

An enviable mix of Italian design, produced directly under our supervision, guaranteed in Italy and as always excellent value for money!

DME technicians are responsible for carefully configuring and controlling each DME electric bike before delivering it to the customer, ensuring maximum efficiency of the electric bicycle from first use; without having to incur additional costs for adjustment, configuration and tuning operations that only a specialized technician could perform with costs starting from a minimum of € 50.

The road testing includes:

– Checking the tire pressure

– Brake settings

– Lubrication of the transmission parts (chain, crown, sprocket set, gearbox, etc.)

– Check the electrical system

– Check the battery status

– Visual inspection on welds, paint, bolts and every mechanical part

– Final test (cycle track test)

We believe that getting a bike ready for use is an advantage not to be underestimated; that the service is added value for our customers because it brings advantages both in terms of satisfaction, reliability and safety! Reducing to zero the risk of receiving a “new” bike that also has a simple problem of electrical connection but that would not allow you to use it, forcing you to send back the product with fairly high shipping / re-delivery costs.


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