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Folding Fat Tyre Electric Bikes

Fat-bike Folding Electric Bike with Assisted Pedaling 20 "500w


DME URAGANO 48v 500w ebike compact size and folding frame makes it easy to transport for your weekend out of town. The chassis is designed to have an easy and comfortable climb.

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Vulcano Foldable Electric Bike 16 "


DME folding fat bike, now super-equipped. With Vulcano LITTLE we have brought our search for a meeting point between design and performance to a next level, with the most advanced technology and maximum performance.

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Fat Tyre Bike 20 inch

DME VULCANO Fat Tyre Bike 20"

DME VULCANO Deluxe Hi Tech, Compact, Versatile and Performance Oriented. Mini folding electric FAT bike aluminum alloy frame with the versatility of 20×4 ” tyres. Take it wherever you want.

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Trek e Bikes

eBikes Ireland DME electric fat trekking bikes take the characteristics of a mountain bike and takes them to the next level. DME FAT Tyre e-bikes as used in Howth panoramic ebike tours electric fat-bike assisted pedalling for when the terrain becomes difficult, you need a durable bike with 4“ wide tires, suitable for the most hostile terrain.
  • Electric Bikes with Fat Tyres

    16″ FAT Tyre Bike


    Discover our FAT e-Bikes

    VULCANO LITTLE with 16 “x 4” tyre and the aluminum rim is great for crossing unpaved roads and taking it with you comfortably and quickly anywhere. Includes the front hub with brake disc and the rear hub with engine and brake disc.

DME Electric FAT Bikes

As Used By “Shanes Howth Adventures

On back lanes and shortcuts that only locals know, we explore the unknown and quiet sunny side of Howth Peninsula to Strand Road and the Sutton Martello Tower, overlooking the UN Biosphere of Dublin Bay

Before you know it and with hardly any effort we will be at the top of Howth Head with panoramic views North, South, East and West

On little known trails across the heath lands we find Baily Green and the epic cliff paths, to views over the Baily Lighthouse and beyond. Our local insight brings these classic locations to life, weaving history, nature, legends and tales with modern times

Freewheel back down to Howth Harbour, where our guests can use their new found local knowledge to truly make themselves at home with memories of an Irish day that will last forever


  • Sturdy shoes are recommended.  Keep an eye on the weather and think about a waterproof, warm jacket, clothes and gloves for cooler weather.  Water and a snack also a good idea.
  • We will provide, helmets, bikes and ear pieces for the tour

Panoramic E-Bike Tours Howth

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